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Jaguar Power Natuurlijk– 100% Natural – Extreme Libido & Testosterone Increasing Agent – 12 Liquid Sticks for a Minimum of 36 Days Use – Very Active Sex Life – Forte Testosterone Booster – Women and Men

Product description

Do you want to significantly increase your libido, feel more vital and energetic in bed and experience intense and exciting moments with your partner? Jaguar Power is a very unique and revolutionary libido enhancing supplement that can have a very positive effect on your vitality and your intimate moments with your partner.

Have you tried many things with little or no results? Vital Honey is a very effective natural supplement specially designed to increase the libido of men. This formulation contains a blend of natural ingredients that significantly increase vitality and circulation in a healthy way.


✓ Increases testosterone levels

✓ Increases a man’s energy & vitality

✓ Perfect mix to increase libido

✓ 100% natural ingredients

✓ Improves circulation

✓ No more problems with premature ejaculation

✓ Increases sexual desire

✓ Extends the period of action and improves the orgasm

✓ Increases the desire to be sexually active

✓ Promotes sexual performance

✓ Improves sperm fertility

✓ Strengthens the erection without getting tired

✓ Increases self-confidence through stable sexual performance

✓ Lowers prostate problems


Libido Enhancing Sticks – 12 sticks for a minimum of 36 days

This product consists of a box of 12 libido enhancing sticks. This is enough for a minimum of 36 days of use. 1 stick has a testosterone and libido-enhancing effect of 48-72 hours. Use a maximum of 1 stick every 3-7 days. We do not recommend taking this supplement daily.


Easy to take libido sticks

You can consume the contents of these libido liquid sticks just like honey. Add it to your tea or to your milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. Do you like honey? Then these libido sticks are great for you in terms of taste to consume.

With superior quality tongkat ali extract

One of the main components of this supplement is very good quality Tongkat Ali. This ingredient is known as a natural testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali increases a man’s vitality and sexual desire and improves sperm quality and motility.

With a high dose of panax ginseng extract

Panax ginseng (Korean gingseng) supports concentration, increases vitality and contributes to a healthy libido in men and women. The combination of tongkat ali and panax ginseng extract, two well-known libido enhancing ingredients, make this supplement a very effective libido enhancer.

Usage Instructions:

Take the contents of a stick at least two hours before a sexual performance. Do not use Jaguar Power Natuurlijk supplement on an empty stomach and drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

A stick is effective for at least 48 hours. We recommend using 1 stick every 3 days. Daily consumption is absolutely not recommended.

This product is not allowed for kidney patients and patients with heart problems and high blood pressure, nor is it allowed for children and pregnant women.


  • Ingredients: Honey, bee lava powder, radix eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali), cinnamon, panax ginseng.
  • Number of bags: 12 bags / box
  • Dosage: 1 sachet every 3-7 days
  • Bag weight: 15 g
  • Box weight: 235 g
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 9.5 x 4.3 cm


‣ Box of 12 sachets (36 days)

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Ingredients Honey, bee lava powder, radix eurycoma longifilia (tongkat), cinnamon, Panax ginseng.

Usage Mix 1 saschet with lukewarm water, or stir it into, for example, the yogurt.

Dosage Take 1 sachet every 7 days

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  1. J.

    Zeker libido verhogend. Zeer aan te raden voor koppels die mogelijk iets nieuws zoeken op een natuurlijke wijze zonder gebruik van chemicaliën en dergelijken. Helpt zeker bij bewust tijd maken voor elkaar en met elkaar. Leuk, verfrissend en spannend om samen te ontdekken (en ook de honing voor de vrouw kan als zeer leuk worden ervaren door haar!).

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